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In my mid-twenties I was diagnosed with Autism,
ADHD, and OCD.

For me, these were revelations and all the strange ways I behaved started to make sense. But why in my twenties... surely someone should have noticed or said something?!? 

As I came to learn more about autism I soon realised that my experience was all too common.

The reality is there are many complicated things around autism, such as echolalia, alexithymia, and proprioception;
there are many misconceptions in the media, such as autistic people lacking empathy; and there are many mis/un-diagnosed autistic adults out there like I used to be.

This made me decide that I should explain these things so others wouldn't have to struggle as I did.

Now I've taught hundreds of parents and autistic
people, regularly teach classes, and my YouTube videos have been watched by tens of thousands!
So I'm not doing too bad so far!


Officially: I’m an autism trainer based in Bristol, where I teach across the South West of England.

I’ve spent the past decade studying mental health, psychology, identity, and just about anything to do with why we humans think and act the way we do.

I’m the creator of Autism Academy: A growing resource of almost 50 videos explaining everything to do with autism.

Less officially: I‘m a weird and interesting, open-minded, oddball, who loves to go on adventures and explore the strange and interesting things in life. 

I believe that we're all human, and make mistakes, fumble, fall, laugh, love - and despite our differences, we all share this same connection.

I'm a strong believer in having the courage to be open and honest and that our truth and vulnerability can be powerful forces in showing us how connected we really are.