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What is it like to be oversensitive to Proprioception?

What is Proprioception?

Proprioception is our sense of body awareness.

It allows us to know where our body parts are positioned without

looking at them.

It's what we feel when we contract and stretch our muscles and when we squeeze or experience deep pressure.

What does oversensitivity look like?

If you're oversensitive to it you may:

  • be very aware of your body

  • feel slight movements and your muscles

  • mistake tension for pain

  • avoid movement like sports and exercise

  • avoid physical contact like hugs

  • move slowly and carefully to avoid contact with objects

  • dislike heavy clothing, blankets, and bags

  • feel claustrophobic and so feel anxiety in tight spaces or crowds

What helps?

There are many things that can help such as:

  • fixed chairs and tables can avoid small muscular movements

  • light clothing can help avoid the sensation of weight

  • avoiding crowds and tight spaces

  • having light pressure on the skin

  • replacing and pleasant sensations with nicer ones