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Why do autistic people ignore questions?

Why do autistic people ignore questions?

Is it intentional?

When we don't respond to questions many people think we're being rude.

But we don't mean to purposefully ignore there are many reasons we might not hear you or respond.

What are these reasons?

  • Hyperfocus: We could because we're so focused on a task or special interest we don't even hear you.

  • Sensory Processing Disorder: Sensory processing differences could mean we don't hear or don't process what's being said to us.

  • Language Processing: Language processing differences could mean that we don't understand what's being said or that we need to respond.

  • Social Cues: This could also be due to missing social cues and understanding and remembering to respond.

  • Anxiety

  • Demand avoidance

  • Being shutdown