I regularly deliver online webinars on on a range of subjects such as:


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Autism & Eating Difficulties

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I regularly deliver online webinars on on a range of subjects such as:

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Autism & Eating Difficulties

Are you a parent with a child under or over eating and want to know what helps?

Are you a professional wanting to know more about the

connection between autism and diagnosed eating disorders?

Food and eating can be massive issues for autistic people; with things, such as sensory issues and anxiety, leading to very restricted diets.

In this webinar, I cover:

  • Sensory sensitivities and their role in eating problems

  • How the need for control impacts eating in autism

  • Conditions that can cause eating difficulties

  • Mental health and wellbeing's role in eating

  • Eating disorders such as Pica, Anorexia, and Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

  • Strategies that work to help autistic children

Time: 1h for groups under 20, 1.5h for over

Cost: £150 (can be discounted for multiple bookings) 

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