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What is Interoception?

Interoception is our internal body sense.
It's what allows us to know what's going on inside our bodies: such as hunger, tiredness, nausea, or needing the toilet.

What does under-sensitivity look like?

 If you're under sensitive to it you might not notice:

- when you need the toilet and so feel a sense of urgency
- when food has made you ill and so feel bloated or in pain

- when you need to sleep so feel tired and spacey

- when you need to eat so and so feel weak and dazed

- things like periods or when you're ill

- bodily sensations could also get confused with emotions


What helps?

- timers and schedules to remind you when to eat

- food diaries to know what might make you ill

- calendars, trackers, and apps for things like periods

- sanitary products for toileting needs

- learning how to recognise the signs of illness

- ask the person themselves

What does over-sensitivity look like?

If you're oversensitive to it you might:

- feel a need to go to the toilet more often

- be aware of subtle change in the body and mistake this for anxiety

- feel hungry often

- feel ill often and worry

- feel nausea and bloatedness more often

- periods could feel stronger

crescent moon and star

What helps?

- sanitary products

- food diaries to let you know what's causing problems

- mindfulness for anxiety

- calendars, trackers, and apps for bodily sensations

- timers and schedules to let you know when to eat

- learning to recognise the signs of illness so that you don't have to worry as much

- being prepared so as to avoid meltdowns and shutdowns for those unmet needs

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