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Public Speaking

Social Masking, Consent, Language, Sensory Processing:

Some things about autism sound complicated. For parents, carers, and autistic people themselves, the right information can be lifechanging... if you can find it!

As autistic people, I feel one of the biggest challenges we face is being understood
and understanding ourselves.

I feel like what I do makes a difference to peoples lives: I help people to understand and encourage others to learn about autism.

That starts with a conversation: So Let's educate, help others understand, help parents not feel alone, help autistic people feel represented, let's have that conversation that could make a difference.

Loren Snow Teaching a class

I'm Experienced

I have thousands of hours of teaching experience and training in mental health and autism. 
I'm quite comfortable sharing my own life, struggles, and strategies and I enjoy engaging with and answering audience questions.

Whether you just want your audience to understand autism better or something more specific please contact me below.

By Radio or Video

I've spoken on local radio stations and larger including the BBC several times. I've been recorded for The Royal Society of General Practitioners and I've been filed hundreds of times for various organisations.
So no matter whether it's a podcast, tv, or something else get in touch!

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I'm Always Learning

I regularly teach both autistic people and parents, as well as frequently reading and taking training around autism.

This means I'm always learning new strategies that can help and growing in my understanding of others experiences. 

Because of this, I can understand the challenges your audience faces.


Click here to send me a quick message.

If you have a topic you'd like me to talk about then let me know, I'm sure I have something or can make something to fit your needs.

I'm happy to travel anywhere provided transport and fees are paid in advanced.

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