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What is a Meltdown?

Meltdowns are an external response to stress.

During a meltdown someone may:





Everyone has meltdowns but if you're autistic then they can be more common.


It’s good to think of Meltdowns as panic attacks.​

They're not done for attention they're done to escape or cope with extreme stress and pain.

How can you help?

* Ask simple yes or no questions (we’re already overwhelmed remember!)
* if we consent, remove us from the stressful thing
* leave us alone (some of us just need some time to reset ourselves and calm down)
* And most importantly stay calm! Don’t add any more stimulation

What next?

Over time some of us learn to spot our triggers.

These can be lots of noise or sudden changes so quieter environments can help.

So too can having those around us understand.
It’s our hope that if everyone understands autism then more of us may be empowered and live more fulfilling lives.


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