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Autism & Disordered Eating

Are you a parent with a child under or over eating and want to know what helps?

Are you a professional wanting to know more about the

connection between autism and diagnosed eating disorders?

Food and eating can be massive issues for autistic people; with things, such as sensory issues and anxiety, leading to very restricted diets.

In this short course, I cover:

  • Sensory sensitivities and their role in eating problems

  • How the need for control impacts eating in autism

  • Conditions that can cause eating difficulties

  • Mental health and wellbeing's role in eating

  • Eating disorders such as Pica, Anorexia, and Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

  • Strategies that work to help autistic children

Autism and Eating Difficulties

Autism vs ADHD: What's the difference?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism often go together and can easily be confused for one another. It can be hard being a parent to know which is causing the most difficulty and what you need to use strategies for. So what is the difference between them?

In this short course, we'll cover many similarities between the two. We'll also look at many simple strategies you can start straight away that should help.

I'll share with you a brief overview about:

  • The myths and facts of both

  • How the brain processes information differently

  • Strategies to help someone learn and navigate the world

  • Associated conditions

  • The senses role in behaviour


Let's face it, they can both seem complicated; it can be confusing to pry them apart. So if you're struggling to figure it out and need a simple overview, then this is the perfect introduction course for you.

Autism & ADHD

Autism and Sensory Challenges (in school)

Autism often has sensory difficulties at its heart and nowhere are these more of a challenge than in the school environment. Missing these sensory needs can lead to very distressed behaviour and school refusal.

In this short course, we'll cover:

  • Our 5 main senses

  • Extra senses you might not even have heard of such as our senses of balance, body awareness, temperature, pain, and our internal sense

  • How each one might show itself at school, on the way to school, and in different school environments

  • The strategies that I’ve learned help autistic children from my work with schools and the I’ve 10,000s of parents I’ve taught

It can be really hard seeing your child struggle and be unable to cope. So I hope this course helps you.
Please join me today, on this course to learn more about autism’s sensory challenges in school.

Autism and Sensory Challenges

Want me to deliver this to your audience or staff?

Cost: £10-20/delegate - online or in-person

(discounts for online, location, multiple bookings & charities)

Running Time: 1.5h

get in touch here

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