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Parent Support

Being a parent is hard, and being a parent to an autistic child can be even harder.

I've supported hundreds of parents to understand their children better, and I know it isn't easy. 

As a parent, you're doing your best and you can often worry about how your child is going to cope growing up or who will look after them. You can also feel like you've made many mistakes and worry about if your child will ever feel for you or understand how hard you're trying.

It can often feel like you have to fight to get even the tiniest of support and like things are never going to get any easier. But they can. 

It's frustrating as often it's lots of small changes that have big impacts over time. But to know what things to do can feel impossible. With waiting lists being long and professional support not guaranteed, it's hard to know what the right decisions are.

Being autistic myself I can help explain what your children might be experiencing. I've also supported hundreds of parents, and autistic people, so you're in understanding hands.

I've read 100's of EHCPs and other documents.
I've supported EHCP mediations, conversations with schools, OTs, SALT, and psychiatrists.

I've supported 100's of autistic children and young adults to move out of psychiatric hospitals.

Below are a few more examples of things we could talk about:


Co-occurring conditions (OCD, ADHD, etc)

Faces showing emotions (confused, happy, sad) with a Red Cross through them

Empathy and understanding others

Purple Hearts

Recognising and understanding emotions



brain with lightning symbol running into it

Meltdowns and Shutdowns

Neurodiverse rainbow brain

Mental Health    

colour wheel

Sexuality, Identity, & lgbtq+ 

red health cross

Physical Health

Click here to send me a quick message.

I offer this remote (via teams/zoom) and my fees are £50/meeting.

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