Public Speaking

I can talk to audiences large and small from groups of six up to audiences of over a hundred. I can do this as a formal presentation where I share my own experiences, a workshop where I and the class work together to problem-solve, or a more informal chat with the audience about the challenges they face.

Some Of My Past Sessions:

  • Autism at School

    Autism in The Workplace

  • Autism & Anxiety

  • Autism & Sensory Differences

I have thousands of hours of teaching experience and training in mental health and autism.

Whether you just want a general chat to your audience or something more specific please contact me below.



I regularly teach courses and deliver training across the South West of England to both parents, autistic people, and businesses. I can do this through a formal presentation, a workshop where I and the class work together to problem-solve, or even just a general chat about the challenges your staff face.

I have worked with organisations such as:

  • The Jobcentre

  • South Gloucester Council

  • National Autistic Society

  • Southern Brooks

Whether you're interested in a general workshop about autism or something more in-depth then please get in touch below.


1-2-1 Mentoring

If you could do with something more one-to-one we can discuss the challenges you have both at home and in school. We can do this in person or on the phone. It can be about the current difficulties you're facing or something more specific such as your child' sensory needs and how to avoid meltdowns.

Some ideas for what we can discuss:

  • Sensory Support in the Home

  • Autism Understanding

  • Managing Behaviour

Being autistic myself I can help explain what your children might be experiencing.
I've also supported hundreds of parents so you're in understanding hands.

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