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What is Sight?

Sight is our sense of vision, it allows us to view our surroundings and perceive, depth, distance, and movement. 

What does under-sensitivity look like?

If you're undersensitive to it you might: 

- not notice small details in surroundings 

- need to be in well lit rooms to take in surroundings well 

- need to have objects right in front of you 

- have poor depth perception and so appear clumsy 

What helps?

- bright colours to provide stimulation 

- well-lit rooms 

- coloured signs, visuals, and objects 

- objects put away to avoid injury


What does over-sensitivity look like?

If you're oversensitive to it you might: 

- find bright lights unpleasant and painful 

- have difficulty sleeping if there's any light 

- have difficulty in crowds or places with lots of movement 

What helps?

- having lights that can be dimmed 

- sunglasses or glasses with coloured lenses 

- black out curtains when sleeping 

- hats with large brims, to block sunlight 


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