What is our Vestibular Sense?

The vestibular sense is our sense of balance. It allows us to stay upright, stable and to navigate our environment. 

What does under-sensitivity look like?

If you're undersensitive to it you might: 

  • likes climbing

  • great balance

  • never seems to get dizzy

  • enjoys swings

  • always on the move

  • enjoys spinning

  • loves fairground rides

What helps?

  • heavy work activities 

  • movement and movement breaks 

  • exercises like yoga, climbing, dancing and trampolining

What does over-sensitivity look like?

If you're oversensitive to it you might: 

  • avoids swings, slides and climbing frames

  • poor balance

  • likes to stay still and on the ground

  • avoids rough play

  • afraid of heights, lifts, escalators

What helps?

  • slowly introduce them to new activities

  • allow them time to get used to a new activity

  • guide and support them physically with new activities