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I also write articles for various websites and here's a selection of a few:


Sensory overload is what happens when one or more of our senses becomes over-stimulated to the point where we may be unable to cope.

At this point, many autistic people might have something called a meltdown or something called a shutdown. These are extreme stress responses and mean the person may try to escape or hide from more sensory stimuli...

Autistic people can often have issues with food and eating. What causes these issues can be varied and complex.  

If you’re a parent of an autistic child, who eats too much or too little, it can be scary, and you can worry about the implications on their health and feel powerless. 

 In this article, I will talk to you about the sensory reasons an autistic person might have eating difficulties and what can help...


Most autistic individuals will have some sensory sensitivities. These sensitivities can mean they are over- or under-sensitive to certain sensory information. For example, if a person has over-sensitive hearing, sounds may seem louder, possibly even causing pain and sensory overload...

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